Chilli Padi Referral Campaign Starts

Its that time when we start giving back to the community.

You all have been waiting for this, our referral campaign kicks off today, details below:

Chilli Padi Referral Campaign

🗣Invite your friends and Earn USDT💰

⭐️Top 3 members with most invites will share a prize pool of 350 USDT⭐️
1- First Place : 200 USDT
2- Second Place : 100 USDT
3- Third Place : 50 USDT

▶️Steps :
✅1- Follow us on twitter
✅2- Like & retweet the pinned tweet (Commenting on the tweet and Tagging Friends in the comment is optional)
✅3- Follow our announcements channel
✅4- Complete the entry form Form will close on 15th May, 19:00 UTC

You will be issued a unique invite link on 15th May, which you can forward to your friends for them to join Chilli Padi Community.

✅1- No fake accounts/double accounts
✅2- Invited accounts will be checked for activeness in the group. Hi, How are you messages not counted, we need community engagement
✅3- Members must perform all the above tasks to qualify for an entry

‼️Members found violating the set of rules or found suspicious will be disqualified‼️

Official Results will be announced is due time, keep an eye on our announcement channel and twitter.

There are HUGE & SPICY secret surprises coming soon to Chilli Padi, stay tuned.

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Our mission is to invest and partner with blockchain projects to provided value added services and work towards building solid partnerships through technological breakthroughs. Our focus is on investing and supporting startups in the blockchain space.

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